Wee Wee Hill

Coordinates: 39°20′38″N 084°59′50″W / 39.34389°N 84.99722°W / 39.34389; -84.99722
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Wee Wee Hill
Highest point
Elevation299 m (981 ft)[1]
Coordinates39°20′38″N 084°59′50″W / 39.34389°N 84.99722°W / 39.34389; -84.99722[1]
LocationHighland Township, Franklin County, Indiana

Wee Wee Hill (also known as Wewe Hill[2]) is a hill in Highland Township, Franklin County, Indiana, in the United States.[1] With an elevation of 981 feet (299 m), it is the 19th highest summit in Indiana.[3]

The summit has been noted for its unusual place name.[4][5] A nearby county road is named after the hill, using the spelling "Wewe".[2][6]


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